Natura Towers Exterior

Three walls around the public square at MSF’s new headquarter.

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From left to right: north-, west- and south-facing vertical garden.
Vertical garden in Lisbon, Portugal.
Several Iris, Geranium and Heuchera are seen on this part of the living wall.
West facing vertical garden along the stairs.
North facing vertical garden with some late afternoon sun.
Vertical garden at MSF's office.

Natura Towers is the new headquarter of MSF, a portuguese construction company. It is located in Telheiras in Lisbon. Lisbon has very mild winters, frosts occurring not even every year. This allows for a large variety of plants from typical mediterranean plants to exotic tropical species.


The project consists of an outdoor garden around a public square between the two buildings. The wall wraps around three sides of the square, facing south, east and north. The surface has several openings, doors and shop windows, and goes along two sets of stairs that connect the square with the upper- and lower levels.


The north facing wall has no direct sunlight. It hosts a variety of ferns from genera as Asplenium, Athyrium, Pteris and Polystichum, and many broad leaved species like different Begonia, Pilea, Arum and Geranium. Some areas are made into fields of almost grass-like plants with a cascading way of growing – like Iris japonica and some varieties of Chlorophytum comosum. Additionally there are some larger exotic plants, like Philodendron bipinnatifidum, Platycerium bifurcatum and Monstera deliciosa.


The south facing wall is more colorful, with plants like Ceanothus, Geranium, Fuchsia, Bergenia, Cuphea, Euphorbia, Heuchera, Lantana, Pelargonium and Campanula. In total there are some 250 varieties of plants.