Two vertical gardens in the entry of a new office building.

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Two facing vertical gardens in the entrance of Astra Zeneca.
Parts of this wall was made with some small-leaved plants, creating resemblance of moss.
Different kinds of ferns, some aroids, several peperomias and begonias make up part of this living wall.
Växtvägg i Södertälje.
Sittplatser mellan växtväggarna.
Detalj av växtväggarna i Södertälje.

These walls are located 30km south of Stockholm in the entrance area of an office and research building of AstraZeneca. The walls face each other and create a interesting resting area between the main entrance and an atrium. 


The plant selection of each wall is quite similar, but with a slightly different character. The right wall has some fields with very small-leafed plants, such as Pilea glauca and Peperomia rotundifolia and a few bigger solitary plants, rising from the dense mat. The left wall has some flowering anthuriums and bromeliads. 



Två växtväggar i en entré till AstraZenecas byggnad i Södertälje. Placeringen mittemot varandra ger en annorlunda miljö till sittgruppen mellan väggarna. 


Den högra väggen har fält med småbladiga växter, som Pilea glauca och Peperomia rotundifolia, som ger en moss-lik känsla. Den vänstra växtväggen har endel större och blommande anthurium och bromeliader.